Session Structure

8.30am or 9am Children arrive. Parents settle them in and children have access to free play.
9.30am Register time. The children sit on the carpet. We say good morning using makaton and the register is taken. Each day a different child is chosen to count the children and find the corresponding number on the number poster. We talk about the day/date and weather using our weather board. We also go through our Golden Rules and Golden Words.
10am Snack time. We operate a snack bar. A small group of children at a time sit at the table together with a member of staff to enjoy some fruit, milk or water. The children enjoy free play whilst waiting for everyone to finish snack. The children independently choose their toys and activities.
10.30am Outdoor play. The garden door is opened so the children can choose to play indoors or outdoors.
11.30am Tidy up time to the Mission Impossible theme tune.
11.45am Carpet / Circle Time. This varies daily. Activities include: Show and tell, story time, French session, beat baby, music and movement, parachute games, books and story CD’s.
12pm Home time for some children

All Day Sessions


12.10pm Children go to the toilet and wash hands ready for lunch.
12.15pm Lunchtime
12.45pm Free-play: Once the children have packed away their lunch box and excused themselves they are free to play whilst their peers finish their lunch.
1pm Home Time (for some children)
1pm – 2pm
Free-play and afternoon activities (Children can play inside or out)
Home Time (for some children)
2.15pm Carpet/story time
2.30pm Home Time

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