Pre-school Learning Alliance

The Pre-school Learning Alliance is the largest and most representative early years membership organisation in England. The Alliance is a registered educational charity and represents 14,000 member settings supporting them to deliver care and learning to over 800,000 families every year. They:

  • Offer information and advice.
  • Produce specialist publications.
  • Run acclaimed training and accreditation schemes.
  • Campaign to influence early years policy and practice.

The Alliance’s vision is a society where every child enjoys the same opportunity to learn through play. They believe families should be at the centre of policy-making and they work hard to empower parents to become more involved with their child’s learning and development.

The Pre-School Learning Alliance believe everyone deserves to be listened to and are committed to supporting early years settings in their work. This is achieved through:

  • Championing childhood and children’s right to play
  • Advocating for children, families and all childcare providers
  • Putting the family first to enhance children’s life chances
  • Encouraging safeguard-led practice
  • Raising standards and quality of childcare
  • Ensuring families have choice and information to make the right decision about the childcare they need
  • Providing high quality training, support and advice.

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